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EcoLogical Insulation serves businesses and homeowners in the Montgomery, AL area with insulation products and services specifically designed for you. Our highly trained technicians can help you increase comfort and decrease energy consumption through properly installed spray foam, fiberglass, or cellulose insulation.

EcoLogical Insulation at build site

Residential Builders

Home builders and residential contractors need insulation professionals like ours at EcoLogical Insulation. We routinely work with other professionals on new construction for any of our different insulation products.

commercial spray foam insulation

Commercial Contractors

Our professional insulation technicians have experience in both the residential and commercial space for insulation installation. One of the most effective ways to cut down the overhead cost of a commercial building’s upkeep is to improve the energy efficiency of the building with high quality insulation.

Serving the Montgomery Metro

EcoLogical Insulation is proud to call Alabama home and to serve the Montgomery metro area. Our insulation contractors routinely work with professionals and homeowners in Montgomery to provide our best insulation products and services.

Professionals in the Field

EcoLogical Insulation’s Montgomery team is known for professionalism in the field with the best insulation services and products available. Any of our trained staff will be able to help you decide what kind of insulation is perfect for your job.

Quality Certified

EcoLogical Insulation Montgomery is a member of the National Insulation Contractors Exchange, High Performance Insulation Professionals and the Home Builders Association of Alabama.

Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation is a practical and easy way to insulate new and existing buildings when correctly installed in an effective building envelope enclosure system. It is also effective for reducing sound in floors, walls and ceilings.


Fiberglass Insulation is an easy and budget friendly way to insulate new or existing structures if it is properly installed by an expert in an effective building envelope enclosure system.


Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspapers and is given a borate treatment to prevent pests and increase resistance to fire.

Energy Audits
and Testing

Energy Audits and Testing can help you select building materials, design, lighting and more to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. EcoLogical Insulation Montgomery can help your energy costs remain low by keeping your home or office at your optimal temperature.