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EcoLogical Insulation provides a complete line of insulation services, extending from insulation upgrades in existent homes to insulation in new commercial buildings. Our team of experts will save you time and money.

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spray foam insulation


A blower door test will measure the air leakage rate and identify where air leaks exist. This test can be helpful in existing/new homes and commercial buildings. In this test, a fan is positioned in a door frame to reduce the air pressure inside your home by pulling the inside air out. Then a pressure-sensing device is employed to measure the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of your house. If you have trouble maintaining an ideal indoor temperature or are uncomfortable during heating/cooling call us to schedule a blower door test!

Blown-in Wall

You can have a blown-in wall system applied in remodeled spaces of your current home or in open walls of a new build. This system thoroughly fills gaps in the walls and creates a more complete thermal barrier than having standard batt insulation installed in your outer walls. Loose fill fiberglass insulation is installed into the wall cavity behind a layer of plastic and is densely packed to totally fill the wall cavity and potentially increase your savings on energy. We can go one step further and air seal the wall cavity before installing the insulation.


Our division for commercial insulation offers a wide range of insulation products and services for many different projects including municipal, commercial and educational buildings. The commercial insulation products that we install are spray foam and other commercial insulation products including commercial fiberglass. We assist our customers so their projects stay on schedule and on budget. For your next commercial insulation project, contact us for an estimate!


In order to keep pests and moisture out of your home, it is vital that you have your crawl space properly sealed and dehumidified. Our expert team will seal your crawl space and install a poly liner that will create a barrier between your home’s floor joists and the earth for proper conditioning. We can also add a free-standing dehumidifier to your crawl space to help control moisture and humidity. If it is time to seal your crawl space, contact EcoLogical Insulation today!


If you have duct leakage, the conditioned air can escape before it reaches the selected room which increases heating/cooling costs and affects the overall comfort of your home. The test to determine duct leakage utilizes a small fan and a pressure gauge which pressurizes the home’s duct system and measures any air leakage in the ductwork. By reducing any duct leakage your HVAC system can run more efficiently and your heated or cooled air will reach the areas you want.

Energy Audits
and Testing

Energy audits and testing is being used to take account of the unique factors that affect energy use in your structure. Energy audits and testing is more extensive than blower door or duct leakage testing. Energy audits and testing collects building data including building geometry, construction materials, lighting, plug loads, thermostat settings and occupancy rates. The data is assessed by a custom software program that produces a list of home improvements (based on the unique factors of each home). If you would like more information on energy audits and testing, contact EcoLogical Insulation today!


Many times home purchasers will overlook the opportunity to properly insulate during the construction phase and instead select other desired home features. Later down the road many homeowners wish they had invested in better insulation. Upgrading your home’s insulation provides the benefit of more comfort all year, better temperature circulation in your home and more effective moisture control.


When you hire experts to remove old insulation, we commit to give equally as much attention to the details as when we add insulation. While old, contaminated insulation is being removed, it should be prevented from entering your living spaces. EcoLogical Insulation uses equipment that is designed to contain the old insulation. The old insulation is then accumulated in a holding repository located outside your home. So you can rest assured that your family will stay safe. If you think your insulation needs to be removed contact us at EcoLogical Insulation!


EcoLogical Insulation is proud of our responsiveness and our professional installation process on your new residence. You will receive top quality installation and service no matter what your project involves. At EcoLogical, we commit to expert installation of insulation systems and air sealing on your new home to keep you and your family comfortable and lower your energy costs. EcoLogical Insulation provides expert service and delivers the best products to give your family the comfort they deserve.

EcoLogical Insulation is an Alabama-based full service insulation contractor serving all of Alabama and Georgia from offices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville and Auburn, Alabama.