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Choosing an Insulation Contractor

By January 19, 2021February 25th, 2021News

When it comes to assuring the energy efficiency of your home, office, or business, you may wish to consult the help of an insulation contractor in Montgomery, Alabama. Most people start with a Google search, but the choice goes beyond choosing the top result. Make your best choice by following this handy list.

Experience and Reputation: How long has the company been in business? What reviews does the company have? This information can be found on the home insulation contractor’s website. Reviews will offer insight into a client’s experience and how or if a contractor responds to problematic reviews.

Understanding Residential and Commercial Building Structure: You won’t want just anyone working on your home or business, so make sure the commercial insulation contractor you choose understands your home’s systems – ventilation, air quality, utilities, air-sealing – and how to provide the best product and installation for your insulation needs.

Consultation. You wouldn’t let a surgeon operate on you without a consultation, and your house deserves the same attention and respect. Your home insulation contractor should provide a full review of the home or business, an energy audit if necessary, and recommendations for products and services. No money should be exchanged before this critical step occurs.

Experience. The commercial insulation contractor should have experience with a variety of structures, building material, and product application. Additionally, this experience should include work with new and existing homes or businesses.

Certifications and Licensing. Insulation contractors must possess the industry standard licensing to verify their expertise. This helps ensure the contractor knows how to expertly evaluate insulation in existing or new structures, recommend upgrades, and effectively install each product.

Training. Your home insulation contractor will need to be up to date on industry standards for dealing with insulation products, disposing of old, damaged, or moldy insulation. Ask how often training occurs.

Codes and Permits. A reputable commercial insulation contractor or spray foam insulation contractor will know the recommended building codes and permits required for your area. Not sure what they are? Ask your contractor. If they don’t know, or beat around the bush, kick them out the door!

Superior Products and Installation. Your home or business is a major financial investment, so you will want to ensure any work on your building uses the best product for your goals. Ask who the product suppliers are and research their reputation. Your insulation contractor should be able to readily provide the information.

Working with Spray Foam Insulation Contractors. If spray foam insulation is your product of choice, take note of these additional requirements. What specialized training and credentials do they possess? What additional building codes or permits are needed for your area or structure?

Customer Service. Last but not least, your chosen home insulation contractor should be ready, willing, and able to answer questions, provide information, and deliver top service and installation without trying to sell what you don’t need or want. Make sure you are comfortable with the owner and employees.

It’s a big step toward making a new or existing home or business energy- and cost-efficient. The steps outlined above will ensure your experience is a success!

EcoLogical Insulation in Montgomery, Alabama was founded in 2008 to educate customers about building science, air-sealing, and the benefits of proper insulation and installation. The experts at EcoLogical Insulation Montgomery will deliver top customer service, energy-efficiency, structure durability, and long-lasting comfort. Contact us today!